Why You Should Get Your Dog Groomed

Dog Groomed

The Importance of Dog Grooming in Magnolia TX

Life is busy. There are always things to do, deadlines to meet, and tasks to manage. It can be easy to put things to the side to get everything else handled, but it can be important that you keep dog grooming in mind. Our team at Dogs Gone Country in Magnolia, TX, can help you learn why.

Dog Grooming Keeps His Coat Nice and Healthy 

When you don’t keep your hair clean and brushed, what happens? You might shed more hair than usual, it knots up, and more. In short, it’s an uncomfortable and unattractive situation.

The same is true for your dog. However, with regular grooming, you can keep their coat looking beautiful and prevent unnecessary shedding all over your home.

Dog Grooming Is an Opportunity to Detect and Prevent Potential Issues

Professional groomers at our doggie daycare can spot potential signs of trouble, such as inflammation, rashes, infections, and more. When these signs are caught early enough, our doggie daycare can provide recommendations necessary to address them before they become a full-blown and expensive problem.

It Can Prevent Joint Pain 

It may seem strange that dog grooming can positively impact their joints, but it’s true. An essential part of dog grooming is keeping their nails trimmed. When this is not done on a consistent basis, it can cause your dog’s nails to curl, which affects how they walk and the alignment of their paws. Like humans, when something interferes with your dog’s ability to walk properly, it can cause trouble in the joints.

It Doesn’t Have to Be an Inconvenience 

You don’t have to schedule a separate appointment for dog grooming. Instead, you can drop your furry friend off at your favorite dog boarding facility for grooming while you go on vacation, have some time alone, or run errands.

Schedule Your Dog Boarding Appointment in Magnolia, TX 

Whether you need free time to take care of other tasks, professional grooming services, or a little of both, we’ve got you covered. Just give Dogs Gone Country a call today at (281) 259-7338.

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